Frenectomy / Fibreotomy

Following orthodontic treatment, the elastic nature of the connective tissue fibers that make up the gums often cause teeth which have been moved or rotated to relapse back to their original position. To prevent this, a fiberotomy can be performed which severs the gum fibers in a minimally invasive procedure. Fiberotomies are carried out under local anesthesia and cause minimal to no post-operative discomfort. Unlike most other periodontal procedures, a second visit to evaluate healing is usually not needed.

Another procedure that is often prescribed towards the end of orthodontic treatment is the frenectomy. The frenum is a ligament joining the gums with the cheeks in both the upper and lower jaws. In some cases, the frenum in the upper jaw can be so prominent that its position between the two front teeth actually causes them to move apart and create a gap. This gap can be closed with braces but will recur unless the frenum is surgically repositioned away from the front teeth.