Medications Prescribed

To aid in treating periodontal disease, certain medications are often prescribed either by themselves or concurrently with a given procedure. Because bacteria are the most frequent cause of gum disease, antibiotics are consequently the most common medication prescribed. Antibiotics are generally not included in first line therapy unless an acute infection is present, but can be very beneficial for patients who do not respond to treatment initially. Also, these medications are always used for dental implants and bone grafting procedures, as studies have shown decreased chance of infection if antibiotics are given prior to these surgeries.
Pain relief medications, while not used to improve actual treatment results, are vital to making patients comfortable following the various procedures performed in our office. Generally, the same pain relievers you would use for a headache are all that are needed to control any post-operative discomfort, although stronger medications are available if required.
Anxiety relief medications are also available for patients who are very nervous during dental appointments, although all efforts are made to alleviate a patient’s anxiety naturally first.
The doctor will review each patient’s medical history and discuss with him or her which medications would be most beneficial prior to commencing treatment.