First Visit

The first visit to any dental office is a very important one as it is the first opportunity to form a relationship between doctor and patient. The initial appointment at our office is designed to allow both doctor and patient sufficient time to answer any and all questions that either party may have. For the doctor, gather all information necessary during a thorough evaluation and review of medical history, get a sense of what expectations and fears the patient may have, and educate the patient on their condition. For the patient, this is the first chance to ask any questions concerning treatment:

  • Is there a periodontal (gum) problem?
  • When should treatment be done?
  • What kind of treatment can or should be done?
  • How long will treatment take?
  • What should be expected following treatment?
  • How much does treatment cost and what financial arrangements can be made?

The goal at our office is to answer all these questions in a relaxed environment without time constraints. We believe that making all patients comfortable is very important during all phases of treatment. Happy patients make happy doctors!