Oral Hygiene Aids

There are many different instruments or devices available for patients to use as personal oral hygiene aids. Toothbrushes, whether manual or electric, and floss are surely the most common and contribute substantially towards keeping the teeth and gums healthy when used properly. Several other instruments like the proxibrush and rubber tip are also valuable tools and may help clean areas that a toothbrush or floss might not reach. Cleaning underneath bridges or around orthodontic braces is often a difficult task, but appliances that make these roadblocks easier to navigate can be introduced. Certain devices also exist for patients with limited dexterity to ensure that they are able to keep as high a standard of oral hygiene as other patients.
Ask your dentist or hygienist about these oral hygiene aids and whether you can benefit from adding them to your cleaning arsenal.
Remember that brushing, flossing, or using any other instrument to clean teeth must be done carefully. All of these tools have the potential to cause more harm than good if not used properly.